Are YOU a Truck Driver, Farm Manager, Logistics Business or Fleet Manager thats...?

Sick to death of the ongoing paper war chaos going on inside your truck cabs?

Struggling with understanding and correctly completing the mandatory WAHVA paperwork?

Tired of the hours required to compile, correct and file required records?

Over forgetting to renew (permits, licenses, medicals & regos) before they expire?

Nervous about the consequences to your business of losing accreditation because of non-compliance?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions don’t worry, you are not alone. The clear majority of operators and fleet managers consistently face these same issues too.

You Can Now Ditch The Logbooks And Go Paperless!
If you answered <span>YES</span> to any of the above  questions don’t worry, you are not alone. The clear 						majority of operators and fleet managers consistently 						face these same issues too.

Paper logbooks are prone to incorrect and missing information, which exposes you to the risk of breaching your accreditation requirements and unnecessary stress come time for your HVA audits. Not only is running paper logbooks also a costly exercise; it makes it difficult for you to keep on top of consistent filing and ensuring compliance.

Trackify® is a powerful and intuitive system that is simplifying compliance by reducing your manual paperwork obligations. The easy-to-use app on any mobile device allows operators, from any place at any time, to efficiently manage their work diary reporting from one tool.

No matter whether you are a driver, scheduler, maintenance planner or in the administrative office, the benefits go above and beyond to improve fleet-wide operations and make life easier for you.

Here’s What Others Using Trackify® Are Saying...

Hayden – Owner Operator

“As a contractor, my work takes me statewide and I am always looking for a better way of doing things. Trackify means I no longer need paper logbooks for my HVA accreditation. The ability to submit asset faults directly from the app means they aren’t overlooked. Trackify has helped me become more safe and efficient.”

Hayden – Owner Operator
Warren – Fleet Manager

“Compiling the paper trip sheets for 10+ truck drivers weekly was nothing but a constant nightmare! With each trip sheet now automatically logged from the app directly to the cloud, Trackify takes away the worry because I know that they are correctly completed and available for review anytime”

Warren – Fleet Manager
Paul – Owner Operator

Trackify has been simple and easy to implement, helping us remain compliant with WAHVA. I was using another telematics provider previously that promised a lot but just didn’t deliver. The support is very good, and I have no problem recommending the product to other operators in the industry.

Paul – Owner Operator
Matt – Machinery Dealer

“We used to be running around like crazy ensuring everything was in order prior to our WAHVA audits. Trackify has changed all that. It’s so easy to use and all compliance requirements are met easily with their system”

Matt – Machinery Dealer

What is it actually costing you to run a paper-based system to manage your organisation's accreditation system requirements?

• Nearly 80% of non-compliances raised during audits are from incorrect records & missing paperwork.

• Do you truly understand the 'real cost' of rectifying these minor noncompliance issues?

• Can you or your organisation afford the risk of losing your Heavy Vehicle accreditation?

• The combined time (drivers, fleet managers, admin staff, mechanics) spent on completing all the activities required for each accredited vehicle is up to half an hour every working day.

• Over half of that time is filling out, collating and recording manual paperwork!

Trackify can help SLASH these costs by more than 50%

How Does Trackify Help You?

Driver Friendly

User friendly interface encourages operators to take a proactive approach to managing their own time

Eliminates Paperwork Headaches

Drivers no longer need to waste time on paperwork, and can focus on what they’re paid to do – driving

Free up time in the office, allowing managers and other staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives

Reduces Time & Costs

Reduces the amount of time required to be spent performing and managing the different activities that Heavy Vehicle Accreditation requires to be done for compliance

Manage Risk

Lowers risk of accidental non-compliance because of missing paperwork and know where you fleet drivers are at anytime they are ‘on the job’ giving peace of mind they are safe

Reduces Stress

Accurate logbook and operator records stored securely in one hub to meet record keeping requirements – making inspections easy

Audit information can be easily – missing or damaged paperwork is no longer an issue

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